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At Valencia Classic Vehicle Consulting, LLC, we specialize in the sourcing and importing of special interest vehicles to suit the perceptive collector.  Brought to the United States from far away places, but always with an eye toward quality over profit, each vehicle we import has an uncommon story to tell. From Series Land Rovers to Citroën 2CV's, and from Lancia Fulvias to Mercedes-Benz Geländewagens, we think you'll like what you find here.  If not, let us know what you're looking for.  We can almost always advise you on the best way to get it, even if it isn't through us.

About Us

Our mission is simple.  We find unique vintage motorcars around the world and we import them to the United States at prices significantly below typical market rates.  What's our secret?  We wish we had one, but we don't.  We just do things a little differently here.  We spend more than we should on each vehicle and we charge less for them, but we're okay with that.  These vehicles aren't about money; they're about passion and energy and adventure and zest for living, so we don't run this shop too much like a business.  We run it a little more like "car people helping car people."

And we're okay with that, too.  #ResIpsaLoquitur.


Most of our vehicles come from Europe, and most of those come from Spain.  We have sourced vehicles from elsewhere before, and we will again, but the bottom line is that much of Spain is dry and arid, resulting in the most rust-free vehicles we have ever seen.  Anywhere.

In a hyper-technical world, we seek out and find interesting vehicles the old way - by scouring the countryside and using an ever growing network of scouts who keep their ears to the ground on our behalf.  We spend countless hours driving to small towns and pueblos, asking around, meeting people, shaking hands...  Sometimes it turns up an interesting old car or truck, but most of the time it doesn't.  Either way, we make friends and laugh, slap some people on the back and get slapped on ours in return.  Not a bad way to do business, all in all.

With very few exceptions, we don't buy from dealers or sales pros, preferring instead to deal directly with the individual.  They know the vehicle inside and out, and it's been a part of them - a part of their lives.  Particularly in old Europe, this results in a bond of trust that neither buyer nor seller take lightly, and we like it that way.

Once we purchase a vehicle, we navigate the labyrinthine bureaucracy that is foreign registration and taxation, making sure the registration and paperwork is correct and proper.

We then have each vehicle checked by a trained mechanical technician.  We have relationships with specialists in every marque we deal with, and each vehicle is given a thorough once-over to ensure it is in suitable condition for consistent use and enjoyment.  If anything needs addressing, it is addressed at that time.

Once the vehicle is titled and properly serviced, it is spit-shined and loaded onto a dedicated vehicle transport ship, where it sails for the United States.  Our agents in the USA meet the vehicle at the dock, shepherd it through customs, take care of all paperwork relating to duty and taxes, DOT, EPA, etc.  It is then loaded onto a rollback and transported to Richmond, where it is given another once over by our friends at Japanese Classics, LLC, who act as our dealership in Virginia.

Then and only then, if all is up to par, is it offered for sale.

The result is not a restored vehicle.  Instead, we offer rust-free, solid, dependable vehicles that look great and run even better.  The kind of vehicles that make you smile every time you drive them.  The kind of vehicles we like to own ourselves.



Paul Misencik

Works out of:  Javea, Alicante, Spain
Role:  Road trip suitability tester
Owns:  Lancia Delta HF Turbo
Dreams of owning:  Alfa Romeo TZ1

Paul has owned more cars than most neighborhoods, and a bunch of interesting motorcycles as well.  From Porsche 911's to Ducati superbikes, and from Alfa GTV's to vintage Vespas, he's driven and ridden pretty much everything.  Paul started in Formula Fords in the 1980's, moved onto marketing positions at AutoThority and RENNTech in the 1990's, and founded the Carolina Trophy 1000km vintage road rally in the 2000's, an event which ran successfully for six years and attracted some of the most passionate vintage motoring fanatics in North America.  An accomplished writer and photographer, he has blogged for AutoNOVA and been published in numerous magazines and newsletters.  Now, he travels around Europe finding strange and wonderful motorcars for VCVC, and ultimately, people like you.

Drop Paul an email, here.

Bill Desrosiers

Works out of:  Falls Church, VA
Role:  Master coordinator, juggler of all things that need to be juggled.
Owns:  Several Datsun 240Z's
Dreams of owning:  Toyota 2000GT

A certified car junkie with a healthy dose of wrenching under his belt, Bill Desrosiers loves to acquire and restore Datsun 240Z's.  His current stable includes a restored, low-mileage original and a snarling, period correct, triple carb hotrod.  And when you need to get something (anything) somewhere (anywhere), Bill knows the ropes.  He has years of experience in international logistics and freight forwarding with a private Third-Party Logistics (3PL) firm focusing on air and ocean freight in/out of Europe, the Middle East, and central Africa. Before that, he worked with the U.S. Government performing acquisition and supply chain logistics on U.S. Navy programs, and currently conducts strategic management consulting in the D.C. area. Bill has an MBA from George Mason University with a focus on Small Business, and his ability to navigate the cruel waters of international shipping and customs paperwork, while keeping a smile handy at all times, is legend.

Drop Bill an email, here.



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